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About us

Our organisation, led by a consortium of business people from a variety of professional background first

entered the advertising arena In California United States and the UK in 1991, using the TV Teletext and Oracle advertising

service. Much research has been undertaken since those early days, looking into the fast advancing mobile technology,

and the methods of advertising available to both the commercial sector and the general public.


The knowledge gained from our research, along with today’s fast advancing Internet and mobile phone technology

has enabled us to develop and advance this media concept. Our Network marketing principle is a new form of marketing

using a tried and trusted form of distribution, Social Networking and “the Smart Mobile Telephone”.


The use of mobile devices to access information is fast increasing and now stands at over 50% and growing.

We have developed this unique information media, channeling information straight to the palm of your hands and


incorporating a unique marketing tool to allow users to also benefit financially from Mobile advertising.


Voog is a Social Enterprise business launching our Beta testing as non profit organization to support minority

disadvantaged sections of the community. We are including in our job recruitment, our aim to employ and support a large

percentage of people with various disabilities or disadvantages, inc unemployed, homeless and specifically young people

18 to 39 who aspires for more.