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Voog Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Q: Is Voog Free To Use?

A: Yes. Voog is totally free to use.

Q: How do I stay up to date with all of the best Voog offers?

A: To get the latest mobile, printable and online offers simply sign up to the Voog website or download the App and you will receive top offers straight to your phone!

Q: If I register will you send me lots of emails?

A: No, we take your privacy seriously and will only send you correspondence directly related to the Voog app, Voog website and obviously your VCard account.

Q: How Do I Contact Voog?

A: Your feedback is really important to us so please let us know what you think of Voog and what offers you would like to see in the future.

Q: Can I have a share in Voog and the billions generated in the M-Commerce advertising industry?

A: Yes you can share in the growth of OUR business; thats why we have developed the VCard.

Voog Mobile Application FAQ's

Q: How much does Voog cost?

A: We want to help you save money. Voog is a free app!

Q: Is Voog available on other phones?

A: We want to make Voog available on every handset so everyone can enjoy the great savings. We will be rolling out the app onto other smartphones throughout 2012.

Q: How can I use an offer when there is no Internet or phone signal?

A: You can save your favourite offer in your wallet by tapping the star icon in advance when you have a connection. This saves the offer on your device so you can use it later when there is no signal or internet connection available.

Q: My offer has been rejected?

A: We take special care that all of our offers are honoured by the venue, but in the unlikely event of this happening you can report the problem to us by tapping 'Report' on the Redemption screen that is shown to the venue. Please ensure that you read the offer terms and condition beforehand.

Q: I have an iPod touch. How do I use vouchers?

A: Using a voucher with an iPod touch is the same as using a voucher on the iPhone when offline. When your iPod has a connection, simply choose the offer you want and tap the star button. You can now use this voucher by going into the favourites section of 'Wallet'.

Q: How do I use Voucher Codes?

A: We have secured some great deals to help you shop online. Simply tap icon in the category bar to view all our best Voucher Codes for online shopping. Tap chosen offer and enter your email address. We will send you the link.

Q: How do I see offers in a different city?

A: This is easy. Either change your city from the settings menu or on the search bar tap 'Where?' and choose your city

Q: What are featured offers?

A: Featured venues and offers are the hottest content Voog currently has!

Q: What are push notifications?

A: Push notifications allow you to be notified as soon as a new offer goes live from your favourite brand. To choose your favouirte brands, visit More and toggle on and off the brands.

Premium Offers and Subscriptions

Q: What are Premium Offers?

A: Voog is free to download and free to use. There are thousands of venues where you can enjoy great discounts. There are no charges to enjoy these savings and no need to subscribe either! We have no plans to make the app paid for and will not be introducing a compulsory monthly subscription to use the app.

We have also secured a small number of exclusive 'Premium Offers' which offer a significant saving. There is a small one off payment to use a 'Premium Offer'. Frequent users can choose a subscription that unlocks ALL Premium Offers. The choice to subscribe to use a Premium Offer is entirely voluntary. These exclusive offers take time effort and money to negotiate and we therefore ask you to 'share' with us via VCard so that we can ensure that you always get great savings.

Q: What subscription types are available?

A: Single Use Subscription: This subscription allows for a one-off use of the selected premium offer. Single use offer prices may vary. Monthly Subscription: This allows you to use ALL offers on your app free of charge. You can subscribe for 1, 6 or 12 months. This would work out far cheaper if you are a frequent user.

Q: Where is my subscription status?

A: You will see your current subscription status in the Settings section of the app if you take out a monthly subscription.

Q: Why do I get a message that I have already purchased this before?

A: Repeated use of the same subscription will see an Apple screen message come up - 'You've already purchased this'. Tap 'Buy' to use again.

Q: How do I turn my location on or off?

A: Go into the settings page and toggle the switch for location on or off. On means the phone automatically detects where you are and lists offers based on the radius set. Off means you choose the location.

Q: How do I control the radius of offers I see?

A: The radius can be set in the settings section of the app - slide the button to set the distance of offers to be shown, from 2 to 250 miles

Q: Will my earnings increase?

A: Yes. Payments for Create ads, Rate ads, annual share payments and affiliates will increase as the company grows.

VCard FAQ's

Q: How does the VCard work?

A: It's easy to use. Just keep your card in your wallet or purse and show it when you go to venues, restaurants and leisure outlets to claim discounts!

Q: Can I use my VCard at all venues on the App and website?

A: Yes, just show your VCard or smart phone App or text message with the business logo ad.

Q: Can I use my VCard or show my App at venues which are not on the App or website?

A: Yes you can although they may not be aware of Voog. Remember, each time you show the App or VCard it's promoting OUR business.

Q: Will I continue to receive annual share payment as the company grows?

A: Yes, as long as you keep your Upgrade VCard and account number active you will receive annual share payments. Dont lose your VCard. Keep it safe.

Q: Will OUR business grow faster and make me more money if I tell people about Voog?

A: Yes. The VCard and App has our logo on it. It's our brand.

Q: How long will I have to wait for my VCard to arrive in the post?

A: Due to the high demand for cards at the launch, please allow up to 28 days for your card to arrive which will be embossed, printed with your name and account number.

Discount Code FAQs

Q: What is a Voucher Code?

A: To make fantastic savings online a voucher code can be entered to give you an extra discount. Also known as promotional codes, e-vouchers or discount codes, you simply use it at a store or outlet to redeem the offer.

Q: Are Discount Codes free to use?

A: All Voog Discount Code offers are free to use, we also give free membership to anyone who loves receiving our hottest deals.

Q: What do I do if a Discount Code does not work?

A: If you discover a Discount Code that is not working, please let us know as your feedback is very important to us.

Printable Voucher FAQ's

Q: What is a Printable Voucher?

A: Printable Vouchers are offers that you can take along to restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, theme parks, etc. and hand over to receive a discount.

Q: Are Printable Vouchers free to use?

A: All Voog Printable Voucher offers are free to use, you can also use your VCard membership - it's for anyone who loves receiving discounts.

Q: How do I get the Printable Voucher from the Voog site?

A: When you click on the offer you will either be able to download the Printable Voucher straight away or you may be asked to complete a short registration on the stores website.

Rate Ads and Create Ads FAQ's

Q: Whats happens when I rate an advert?

A: Your rate is fed back to the Merchant Control Panel which gives instant interaction between the customer and the business.

Q: Can I rate the business more than once?

A: No. You can rate each advert one time only. We pay our users from the income we generate from adverts.

Q: How do I get paid for rating ads?

A: Once your 'earned' balance reaches $20 you can go to PAY ME in MY ACCOUNT and request payment to your bank account or by cheque.

Q: How are my annual share payments calculated?

A: A percentage of Voog profit is paid to VCard holders accounts. Remember, your word of mouth helps us grow.

Q: Do I still get annual share payments if I don't use my VCard?

A: Yes, you dont have to use your card to get paid share payments, but the more you use your VCard (talk, rate, create), the more we earn and the more we pay you.

Q: What does 'Create Ads' mean?

A: Create Ads is when you recomend a business by using the Voog App. Take a photo of the business (including the business telephone number) and post it to the App or website. Our Sales Department will contact the business and explain the positive advantages of how Voog can help their business to grow. You receive up to 25% of the advertising rate.

Q: Do I still get paid to create ads if the business doesn't take a paid ad?

A: No, but they may advertise on Voog later in the year fo which you will be paid. You still get paid your annual share payments, rate ad payments and discounts at venues and outlets.

Q: How long do I have to wait for Create Ads payments?

A: We will pay you at your request when we receive the payment from the business. For cost effectiveness, please help us to reduce our transaction cost by allowing your balance to build up.

Q: How will Voog grow if I create ads, rate ads, use my VCard and talk about Voog?

A: Word of mouth (viral advertising) is the best form of advertising in the world and Voog will pay you to do it.

Q: Can I work full time creating ads for Voog?

A: Yes. You can create ads on a full-time job basis. We also accept CV's for a wide variety of job positions within Voog.

Q: Will the Create Ads facility still be available when Voog is established?

A: Yes. Create Ads, Rate Ads and the VCard is a unique facility allowing consumers to earn from mobile advertsing - it's part of our business.

Q: How does the business benefit from Create Ads, Rate Ads, Voog App and the VCard?

A: The business will benefit from Create Ads and Rate Ads via interaction between businesses and their customers. With millions of VCards and mobile Apps in circulation, that's how you are promoting Voog and our advertisers.